Commitment to quality

Understanding that product quality is the means of reaching customers’ heart and mind, as well as the corporation’s credibility, Hadu 79 Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company always prioritizes quality. In order to do that, we commit to:

  • Effectively maintain the Management system and continuously improve this system with everyone based on ISO 9901:2000; ISO 22000 and HACCP.
  • Satisfy customers’ reasonable requests to the fullest.
  • Invest in machinery and tools, support tools to enhance quality and diversify products, services.
  • Expand the market into big cities in the country.
  • Train and advance staff and faculty capability.
  • Provide adequate resources to satisfy the requirements of the quality management system.
  • Regularly maintain and improve the processes of the quality management system.
  • Devise a factory system that meets the GMP standards – the factory system consists of research and verification centers, additionally, have strict requests in quantitative and qualitative management of ingredients in products from inputs to outputs. Production technology: Hadu 79 Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company currently has two production factories. The second factory was built and inaugurated in 2018, meeting the GMP standards with up-to-date and pasteurized production lines and machinery. Hadu factory (Hadu Pharma), from Hadu International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, is one of the largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical factories nationwide. With synchronously imported production line machinery, Hadu Pharma has the capacity to produce forms of hard and soft capsules, tablets, granule, powder, syrup, liquid and suspension, liquid in shaped bag closures, milk powder,…

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